Mother Lode ParaQuest 2019 - Ticket Packages


We are very excited for the upcoming 2nd Annual "Mother Lode ParaQuest 2019" - November 8th-9th-10th located in the beautifully haunted Gold Rush 49er towns of Mokelumne Hill/Jackson, CA.

Mokelumne Hill was one of the richest gold mining towns in California. Founded in 1848 by a group of Oregonians, the placers were so rich that the miners risked starvation rather than head to Stockton to replenish their supplies (one finally did and made it rich by becoming a merchant). Soon after, gold was discovered in the nearby hills, so much so that miners were restricted to claims of 16 square feet, and yet many of those claims were reported to have paid up to $20,000.


By 1850 the town was one of the largest in the area, with its population reaching as high as 15,000 with people of all nationalities: Americans, Frenchmen, Germans, Spaniards, Chileans, Mexicans, Chinese, and others. Besides racial tensions, the easy gold attracted criminal elements, and the town gained a reputation as one of the bawdiest in the area. Notorious bandit Joaquin Murietta is said to have been a frequent visitor to the gambling venues. Violence was a major problem as well. In 1851, there was at least one homicide a week for seventeen consecutive weeks. A "vigiliance committee" was formed and by 1852, the worst of the crime was eliminated. That year, the town became the county seat.


By the 1860s the gold started to run out and the town's population and importance diminished. When San Andreas became the new county seat in 1866, Mokelumne Hill's status declined even further. The town today is a quiet place, with lots of tourism due to its historic status.


Jackson, named after Colonel Alden Jackson, was founded in 1848 around a year-round spring. Settlement of the region by American pioneers was stimulated by the discovery of gold in the Sierra foothills around 1848. The settlement was named for a local lawyer who was liked by miners named Alden Appola Moore Jackson. Although Amador County was an important mining center, its County seat of Jackson was not typical of the early gold camps. The camp grew quickly, as besides being a popular mining spot, it was also a convenient stopping place on the road from Sacramento to the Southern Mines. The camp became an important supply and transportation center for the neighboring towns, and by 1850 the population had reached an estimated 1,500. Jackson grew first as a watering hole for cattle, then as one of the earliest and most durable of the Mother Lode's hardrock mining areas.


Placer mining gave out by the 1860s, replaced by hard rock mining. One of the town's most prominent historical landmarks, the Kennedy Mine, began operation in 1860; at the time of its closure during World War II in 1942, it was the deepest gold mine in North America, at 1802 meters; (5912 feet).


Locations for investigating at the ParaCon will include the Old Amador County Courthouse & Jail and the renown Hotel Leger and grounds in Mokelumne Hill... Win-Win-Win.. Our Friday Night Meet and Greet being held at the Hotel Leger, will be a catered event with live music by the awesome band "Bee Tee Xpress". So pull out your best dancing shoes and lets cut a rug on the dance floor.  

We recommending a few locations for lodging during the event.. Of course the beautiful "Hotel Leger" in historical and haunted Mokelumne Hill, which will keep you close to 80% of the action during the ParaCon, from the Meet and Greet and Conference and half of the investigations locations for the event.


Another amazing location is of course the world renown "National Hotel" located in Old Town Jackson. Not only are we talking 1st Class accommodations and dinning but the location is well know for its hauntings.. If your on a budget the Best Western Amador Inn in Jackson is what your looking for. Located right next to the Denny's restaurant.


Don't wait to get your tickets and book your hotel rooms as they both are going to go fast and space is very limited! The history of this town is amazing and one that still needs explored. Jackson Old Town has its own special charm and place in the history books, with its numerous resident spirits still roaming the towns, halls, rooms and other dark places yet to be discovered… if only the walls could talk, what secrets and stories would they expose? Maybe you'll be the first to find out!

We offer 4 different ticket packages this year for the Mother Lode ParaQuest 2019: The Platinum, Gold, Silver & "Investigate Only Pass" Package.  They will be limited in number, so don't delay as they will go fast!  Click the links to the left and check out what each package has to offer and pick the one that is right for you. Platinum, Gold, Silver or "Investigate Only Pass" 


O Ya this is so going to ROCK!!!  



All ticket sales are final - no refunds given unless the event is canceled